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Table 1 Description of variables and parameters

From: Sensitivity and mathematical model analysis on secondhand smoking tobacco

No Variables/parameters Description Value
1 P The number people who have a risk of smoking \(P\ge 0\)
2 S The number people who are smoking tobacco \(S\ge 0\)
3 Q The number of people who have stopped smoking \(Q\ge 0\)
4 \(\alpha\) The number of healthy people who become at risk of active smokers \(\alpha >0\)
5 \(\mu\) The natural death rate over the population \(0<\mu <1\)
6 \(\nu\) The death rate of secondhand smoker because of being secondhand smoker \(0\le \nu \le 1\)
7 \(\kappa\) The death rate of smoker by smoking tobacco \(0\le \kappa \le 1\)
8 \(\eta\) The death rate of quit because of smoking habit before joining the state Q \(0\le \eta \le 1\)
9 \(\sigma\) The exit rate of secondhand smoker to the health people \(0\le \sigma \le 1\)
10 \(\xi\) The exit rate of people who have stopped smoking to the healthy population \(0\le \xi \le 1\)
11 \(\lambda\) Infection rate from P to S \(0< \lambda \le 1\)
12 \(\zeta\) Exit rate from S to Q \(0\le \zeta \le 1\)
13 \(\delta\) Infection rate from Q to S \(0< \nu \le 1\)