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Table 1 Description of the variables and parameters of the Lassa fever model (1)

From: Modeling the dynamics of Lassa fever in Nigeria

Variable Description
\(S_{h}\) Population of susceptible humans
\(E_{h}\) Population of exposed humans
\(I_{h}\) Population of infectious humans
\(R_{h}\) Population of recovered humans
\(S_{r}\) Population of susceptible rodents
\(I_{r}\) Population of infected rodents
Parameter Description
\(\Lambda _{h}\) Recruitment rate of humans through birth or immigration
\(\tau _{h}\) Immunity waning rate of humans
\(\sigma _{h}\) Disease progression rate of exposed to infected humans
\(\phi _{h}\) Recovery rate of infected humans
\(\mu _{h}\) Natural mortality rate of humans
\(\delta _{h}\) Disease induced death rate of humans
\(\beta _{h}\) Transmission probability from humans to humans
\(\beta _{r}\) Transmission probability from rodents to humans and rodents
\(\Lambda _{r}\) Recruitment rate of rodents through birth
\(\mu _{r}\) Natural mortality rate of rodents