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Table 3 Normalized sensitivity index of the reproduction number (9) parameters

From: Modeling, analyzing and simulating the dynamics of Lassa fever in Nigeria

Parameter Description Sensitivity Index Sign
\(\pi _{h}\) Recruitment rate of humans through birth or immigration − 0.0263 −ve
\(\sigma _{h}\) Disease progression rate from exposed to infectious human − 0.0011 −ve
\(\mu _{h}\) Natural death rate of humans + 0.0261 +ve
\(\delta _{h}\) Disease induced death rate for humans − 0.0883 −ve
\(\tau _{h}\) Recovery rate of infectious humans − 0.0180 −ve
\(\beta _{h}\) Transmission probability from human-to-human + 0.0645 +ve
\(\beta _{rh}\) Transmission probability from rodent-to-human + 0.0263 +ve
\(\beta _{hr}\) Transmission probability from human-to-rodent + 0.0263 +ve
\(\beta _{r}\) Transmission probability from rodent-to-rodent + 0.3333 +ve
\(\pi _{r}\) Recruitment rate of rodents through birth + 0.0263 +ve
\(\mu _{r}\) Natural death rate of rodents − 0.3333 −ve
\({\mathcal {R}}_{0}\) Reproduction number 1.32