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Table 2 Parameters for model (1) and their descriptions

From: Mathematical model of the spread of COVID-19 in Plateau State, Nigeria

Parameter Description
\(\beta_{E} ,\beta_{{I_{A} }} ,\beta_{{I_{S} }}\) Rate of infection transmission among the exposed transmitting, asymptomatic infectious and symptomatic infectious groups
\(c_{f} ,c_{d}\) Proportion of people that adopt control measures using face masks and practice of social distancing
\(f\) Fraction of exposed group that becomes symptomatic infectious undetected group \(I_{S}\)
\(1 - f\) Fraction of exposed group that becomes asymptomatic infectious undetected group \(I_{A}\)
\(\delta\) Rate of progression of exposed group E to fully infectious groups \(I_{S}\),\(I_{A}\)
\(\alpha_{1} ,\alpha_{2}\) Rate at which people are quarantined from both asymptomatic and symptomatic infectious groups \(I_{A}\),\(I_{S} .\)
\(\gamma ,r_{1} ,r_{2}\) Recovery rates from quarantined, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups, respectively
\(\pi ,\mu ,\mu_{i} (i = 1,2)\) Recruitment through births, natural death and deaths from COVID-19, respectively