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Retraction Note: On projection-invariant submodules of QTAG-modules

Retraction Note: J Egypt Math Soc

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article [1] because the results have been previously published by Danchev and Goldsmith [2]. This article is therefore redundant.

Fahad Sikander does not agree to this retraction. Alveera Mehdi and Sabah A.R.K. Naji have not responded to correspondence from the Publisher about this retraction.


  1. Sikander, F., Mehdi, A., Naji, S.A.: On projection-invariant submodules of QTAG-modules. J. Egypt. Math. Soc. 24(2), 156–159 (2016)

    Article  MathSciNet  Google Scholar 

  2. Danchev, P., Goldsmith, B.: On projection-invariant subgroups of Abelian p-groups. Contemp. Math. 576, 31–40 (2012)

    Article  MathSciNet  Google Scholar 

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